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Intuitive and robust domain escrow platform. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Flexible payment and fulfillment options so that you can easily transfer money, domains, and websites, safely and securely. From quick and simple deals to complex financed or lease transactions, you'll want to close the deal with Agreed.

Domain Leasing
Flexible Payment Schedules Agreed enables you to set up monthly, quarterly and annual payment schedules for domain lease and finance transactions. Once the transaction is underway, we will monitor it and remind you when payment is due.
Online Escrow Multiple Currencies
International and Digital Currencies Agreed conducts online escrows in numerous currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, and AUD. It also accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin as payment options. More currency and payment options will be added soon!
licensed domain escrow
Licensed and Bonded – We Protect You
You wouldn't lend your car to an unlicensed driver, so don't trust your domain escrow transaction to an unlicensed escrow provider. Agreed is fully licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight to perform Internet escrow transactions. What that means to you is that we're licensed, bonded, and insured, and subject to regular independent audits of our books and records. We hold your money in separate FDIC-insured escrow accounts, and we follow strict rules, regulations, and best practices guidelines in the conduct of our business.
online escrow
Stay Connected – Any Time. Anywhere. Any Device.
You live a busy life and can't be tethered to your computer all day. But time is money, and you need to keep your domain escrow transactions moving forward, even when you're mobile. We've designed Agreed so that you can easily set up, view, and update your domain escrow transactions via laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Whenever and wherever you may roam, never miss a beat.
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Escrow Made Easy
We've done countless domain escrow transactions ourselves, so we get it. The process isn't always quick or simple, but it is easier with Agreed. Even the most complex financed or leased transactions involving multiple sellers, buyers, and co-brokers are smooth and effortless. And we'll make quick work of your simple transactions, too!
domain escrow fees
Peace of Mind for an Affordable Fee
Peace of mind for your domain escrow transactions is priceless, but the cost of escrow doesn't have to be. Agreed's affordable service charges won't keep you up at night. In fact, our fees are lower than other licensed domain escrow services, even though we offer more robust services. Find out more about our fees.
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Stay Informed - Step-by-Step
Domain escrows may seem complex, but they are actually quite simple. Each step in the process is necessary to ensure that your transaction is 100% secure. Agreed keeps you informed every step of the way, from current status updates, to instructions on what to do now, to cues for what's coming next. And Agreed logs every domain escrow transaction detail along the way, from start to finish.
Domain Escrow

Looking for a domain name escrow service? Agreed is fully licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight to conduct safe and secure online domain name escrows for its clients. Whether you buy domains, sell domains or broker domains, Agreed has you covered.

Our team has serviced the domain industry for well over a decade! Over the years, we’ve been parties in countless domain transactions ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars. So, we fully understand the intricacies of domain name escrow and the value of a licensed and experienced domain name escrow service.

Licensed online escrow agents, like us, are extremely scarce. The licensing process is complex and time-consuming, but we believe our clients deserve the iron clad protection that comes from our being a licensed domain name escrow agent. Acting as a neutral third party, Agreed’s domain name escrow service provides protection to both the domain buyer and the domain seller while the money and domain are properly transferred, inspected and approved.

Agreed also understands the importance of servicing the global domain marketplace. Parties can conduct their domain name escrow transactions at any time of the day or night, regardless of where the parties are located. From a simple domain name escrow involving one buyer and one seller, to more complex brokered, financed or leased transactions, Agreed provides full service domain name escrow at an affordable fee.

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Website Escrow

Purchases of fully built-out websites are becoming very common. Similar to using a domain escrow agent, it is important to use a licensed online escrow service to protect yourself in a transaction. It's quick and easy to set up a safe and secure website escrow transaction using Agreed.

During setup of a website escrow transaction, the person setting up the transaction will enter the domain names of the websites and provide a description of the website content. The website content can include such things as source code, content, images, and customer lists.

During the website escrow process, Agreed and the buyer will verify the receipt of each domain name and the website content. The buyer will also have the opportunity to review the website content to confirm that it meets the agreement between the buyer and seller. Once the buyer indicates that he or she has received the domain and website content, Agreed will release payment to the seller.

Agreed’s website escrow service includes a virtual file cabinet, which gives you the ability to upload and store documents related to your transaction. Any documents you upload can be kept private or shared with other parties in the transaction. Agreed also generates and stores important transaction-specific documents (such as the General Escrow Instructions, escrow receipts and Closing Statements) for your reference, which can be downloaded and printed any time.

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Domain Financing

Domain financing is a great way to close a deal. Purchasing a premium domain name may require a very significant investment. Often times, such large upfront payments are roadblocks to agreeing on and completing a mutually beneficial transaction. If the seller will accept payments over time, domain financing can help secure the deal. Domain financing also allows buyers to utilize domain names while making smaller payments over time. Sellers have made their investments more liquid and receive the benefit of a consistent revenue stream.

Why use Agreed for domain financing? Agreed is the only licensed escrow service built to easily setup and conduct domain financing escrows. Buyers and sellers will be constantly informed of the progress of the transaction and guided on their next action items. They can rest assured that their money and valuable property will be protected.

At the beginning of a domain financing transaction, the seller transfers the domain name to Agreed. Agreed holds the domain in trust for the duration of the transaction. Once the buyer’s first payment has cleared, Agreed will point the domain name’s name servers to those designated by the buyer. Assuming the buyer makes all of the escrow payments, the buyer will retain control of the domain name during the domain financing transaction and Agreed will transfer ownership after the buyer’s final payment. If the buyer misses a payment and lets the grace period expire during a domain financing transaction, Agreed will transfer the domain name back the Seller and end the transaction.

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Website Financing

Website financing is an attractive option for purchasing a fully built-out, content rich website. With benefits similar to domain financing, Agreed’s website financing service allows buyers to make use of a website while making scheduled payments to the seller. At the conclusion of the website financing transaction, ownership of the website will be transferred to the buyer.

It’s quick and easy to set up a website financing transaction on Agreed. During transaction setup, simply enter the domain name of the website and provide a detailed description of the website content. Agreed will generate a payment schedule of all the payments the buyer will make during the website financing transaction. Once the buyer makes the first payment, Agreed will ask the seller to transfer the website to Agreed. Agreed maintains escrow accounts at all the major registrars and retains control of the domain for the duration of the website financing agreement.

Once Agreed receives the final website financing payment, the buyer will receive the domain name and the website content. Using Agreed for website financing guarantees that the terms of the agreement are fulfilled: the buyer will obtain use of the website for the full length of the agreement while the seller can quickly and easily regain control of the website should the buyer fail to meet their payment responsibilities.

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Domain Leasing

Domain leasing is a very common practice in the domain industry. The only problem is the lack of quality service providers to safely and securely conduct domain leasing transactions. Agreed offers full service domain leasing with the flexibility to handle both short and long-term domain leasing agreements. Agreed can also handle domain leases with the option to purchase.

Agreed acts as a neutral domain escrow agent that holds the domain in trust and receives and disburses the money during a domain lease. This makes domain leasing a great option for those who want to use a particular domain name without purchasing it. Leasing domains is also a terrific consistent revenue stream for domain owners.

Agreed’s domain leasing service gives you full control when setting up your leasing agreement. From setting up the length of the domain lease to setting a customized start date and deciding the frequency of lease payments, Agreed’s robust and intuitive platform can easily handle the ins and outs of your domain leasing transactions. If your domain lease includes an option to purchase, simply select the purchase option setting and include the purchase price for the leased domains. You may also specify whether and what percentage of lease payments will apply toward the exercise price. To experience the flexibility and control offered by Agreed’s domain leasing service, you’ll want to close the deal with Agreed.

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